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Who Runs AIMN?
AIMN is incorporated as a private company and is owned by its shareholders. It is run by its directors.

How is AIMN Funded?
The Institute receives income from its training programs.

Does AIMN Receive Government Funding?
No, AIMN receives no funding from the Federal Government or from any State Government, nor from any government instrumentality or other organisation.

Are AIMN Courses Open to Everyone?
AIMN Courses are open to:

  • Nutrition Assessment workshop – Doctors and Dentists and their Practice Nurses and Nurse Practitioners and Allied Practitioners
  • Injectable Nutrients workshop – Registered Medical Doctors, Dentists, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses.

Can I train with AIMN to become a nutritionist or dietician?
AIMN offers postgraduate courses only. We suggest that if you have not studied nutrition before, you enroll in a tertiary course in nutrition or naturopathy.

What is the Scientific Basis for AIMN’s Training?
All of the Institute`s training is soundly based on available evidence from the scientific medical literature, as well as on the clinical experience of the lecturers and clinical advisers.

Why Don’t All Doctors Practise Medical Nutrition?
It is unfortunate that most medical schools devote very little time to teaching the relationship between nutrition and health, despite the overwhelming evidence of the importance of nutrition in maintaining health and fighting disease.

What Diseases and Conditions Can be Treated Using Medical Nutrition?
Almost all diseases and disease states have a nutritional component and are therefore amenable in part at least to this approach.

Does AIMN Endorse or Recommend Products or Services?
In its training activities, AIMN strongly recommends that practitioners use injectable nutrients of the highest standard. AIMN will, therefore, suggest that practitioners use. firstly, only products that are registered by the TGA and, secondly, if using unregistered products, these be sourced from TGA-licensed manufacturers who manufacture to the PIC/S code of GMP.

Does AIMN have a Privacy Policy?
Yes – see Privacy Policy on this site.