All information provided to AIMN will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) as amended from time to time.

AIMN holds databases of information on professional members and on members of the public. Most of those on whom information is held are members of AIMN. The rest are people who have shown an interest in AIMN and its activities and services.

At any time, any person on whom AIMN holds personal information may request:

  • that all information about that person be deleted from AIMN’s records;
  • that certain information be deleted or changed;
  • that certain information be held but not given out;
  • a copy of all personal information held by AIMN on him/her.

AIMN will comply with any such request as soon as practicable. AIMN may require that the request be made in writing or in such other way that allows verification of the identity of the person making the request

Personal information held by AIMN will only be held for such time as it is necessary or useful in providing the services requested by members or by enquirers, and for the purposes of properly administering the Institute.

Any personal information provided to AIMN will only be used for the implementation of the Aims & Objectives of the Institute, except:

  • where it is required or authorised by law, law enforcement or for the prevention of an unlawful activity; or
  • AIMN reasonably believes it necessary on the grounds of preventing a serious and imminent threat to an individual’s or public life, health or safety.

Unless otherwise specified, AIMN will not sell or otherwise pass personal information to a third party. AIMN may, from time to time, use personal information to broadcast material on behalf of a third party, where AIMN deems this to be in the interest of members and consistent with the Institutes Aims and Objectives.

AIMN requires of all its employees and officers that they comply with this Privacy Policy and with the law.