The Australasian Institute of Medical Nutrition was set up to provide the best available training for doctors and their practice nurses in the theory and practice of administering injectable nutrients for preventative medicine and treating disease. The training is given in 3-day workshops in which experts present theory and biochemistry along with discussion on the supportive medical literature and case histories; this is interspersed with participants gaining hands-on experience in preparing and giving nutrients by injection and infusion.

The training presents a detailed overview of the expanding current medical research around injectable nutrition and the direction research is taking.  Doctors working in the field discuss cases and the typical experiences seen in clinical practice.

Graduates of AIMN training may participate in ongoing clinical forums, video presentations and Skype discussions as well as ask questions of the Institute’s medical advisors.

The Institute will also from time to time undertake basic research into areas of relevance to injectable nutrition, with the aim to clarify or test some of the debates that are so prevalent in this field.