Terms & Conditions for AIMN Website



21 September 2020

1. Copyright in all website contents and the contents of all training modules belongs to AIMN.

2. AIMN endeavours to ensure that all content on this site and contained in the training modules is accurate and that it adheres to a high level of inclusivity and ethics.

3. While relevant information on this website and contained in training modules is based on the latest available clinical experience, and medical and scientific literature and research at the time it is posted, anyone who wishes to make use of this information must make their own enquiries and use their own judgement as to its accuracy and appropriateness.

4. AIMN will not be responsible for any harm resulting from the sharing or use of any material, whether from the website or from any of the training modules.

5. Because the strict advertising regulations in Australia, any information on the website that relates to specific medicines or treatments is restricted to registered medical doctors and nurses who must log in to access this information.

6. AIMN grants a limited license in the contents of training modules to any person who has purchased access to those module/s for that person’s exclusive and personal use and this material must not be shared with any other person in any form, whether in printed or electronic form.

7. The training modules offered by AIMN are designed as post-graduate education. Using any of the training modules does not in itself authorise or equip any person to use any particular form of medical treatment or to advise a patient or other person about any particular medical treatment.

8. Any certificate issued to a person who has completed the required training module is proof of that completion only and is not proof of the attainment of any qualification or expertise and must not be used to claim any qualification or expertise.